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Xiaomi Hongmi

Xiaomi HongMi Review by MIUI Android Team

Since the announcement of the amazing Xiaomi MI3 at the Xiaomi New Product Convention in China which has already got heads turning and pre-orders going through the roof in preparation for its release in October (if all goes to plan) sadly not much attention has been given to the entry model, Xiaomi HongMi (Red Rice) which


Xiaomi MI Tee design competition – Zcool & Xiaomi China

Official source and competion entry page: http://www.zcool.com.cn/event/xiaomi2013/ About the contest This is your chance to show your design skills. If you love Xiaomi you’ll love what ZCool have partnered up with Xiaomi to do… The 1st Xiaomi T-Shirt design contest. With expert judges from Xiaomi, Liwan Jiang – millet technology co-founder, North State – renowned illustrator /


Official statement concerning Xiaomi.eu and Shop

Hi everyone, To say my email inbox is overflowing would be an understatement! as some of you may know by now we decided to split the site into two parts, one which focuses on MIUI ROM and Resources content, the other focusing soley on Xiaomi as a whole. Their are two domains; miuiandroid.com and xiaomi.eu,

Take control of your Apps in MIUI!

Hello MIUI Fans, every now and then we are going to have a closer look at some of MIUI’s exclusive features, especially the ones that really put you as a user in control of your smartphone. The feature we are going to cover today is one that probably 80% of users do not really know

Advanced MIUI Theme Guide, Advice & Tips

Over the past three years within the MIUI Theme Community, theme developers have produced some outstanding and fantastic pieces of work to show off their skills and vivid imagination which is met with great praise from the end user and from fellow enthusiasts. In the eyes of the theme developer this is encouraging and time

MIUI ROM Changelog 3.9.20

MIUI ROM Recommended updates New – Favourite stations list in FM app New – Gallery Cloud album sharing Download at: http://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/3-9-20.22143/ Read on to get the full MIUI ROM changelog details.

Xiaomi MI3 device specifications

The Xiaomi MI3 is the latest Smartphone produced by Xiaomi in China, Beijing. Featuring a world first NVIDIA Tegra 4 1.8GHz quad-core 28 nm full-A15 architecture (TD version) and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8974AB quad-core 2.3GHz (WCDMA version).

Forums are now at xiaomi.eu/community

Hi everyone, We have moved the forums to http://xiaomi.eu/community/ your bookmarks should be auto 301 redirecting to the new web address. Users might need to login again due to the change of domain and cookies. Thanks, Mark

Exclusive: Xiaomi device kernel will be open sourced!

Hi everyone, Today is an especially amazing day for the MIUI community. Why? well, we have some very exciting news for you all. As you know we have been tirelessly persuing Xiaomi to speak to the right people in order to get some more transparency with MIUI and its native code. If you are not

Why we changed the site

Hi everyone, If you’ve been to MIUIAndroid.com before then the new layout will of hopefully wow’d you! if not we’ll do better next time Note: We are still fixing up the mobile version so we’re sorry if you’re sitting going WTF! at your phone Anyway, why did we change the site after so long with the