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MIUI ROM 3.9.27 Changelog

MIUI ROM 3.9.27 Full Changelog

Xiaomi are having a 7-day holiday during Oct 1st to 7th for China’s National Day so there will be no daily or weekly update next week. We will be back with daily updates from Oct 8th and weekly update on Oct 11th 

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you can understand. Happy holidays!

Mitu Loves MIUI ROM

Mitu Loves MIUI ROM

Read on to view this weeks changelog…

Fix – When Do Not Disturb mode is enabled, a call from an unknown number can’t be added to favorites (09-23)
Fix – After adding a recipient to an E-mail, adding additional recipients for your contacts deletes the first recipient (9-26)

Optimisation – Updated area code database (China) (09-26)

Fix – Sometimes the wrong number is be displayed next to contacts (09-24)
Fix – When adding slides to slideshow, only two are displayed and user can’t add more slides (09-24)
Fix – When contact name is too long the contact’s photo is not displayed correctly (09-24)
Fix – After exiting settings, error is displayed under Recent Contacts (09-24)
Fix – Adding a draft message with no recipients to blocklist causes app to quit (09-24)
Fix – When Forwarding an MMS with a long title, the title is lost (09-24)

[Lock screen, status bar, notification shade]
New – The service provider’s emergency call button is now displayed on the lock screen (09-24)
Fix – For missed class displayed in the Status bar, the return call or return text icon is displayed incorrectly (09-24)

Fix – When user removes SIM card when viewing the images, MIUI framework stops (09-24)

New – Online navigator Only available in China (coming soon worldwide). (09-25)

[FM Radio]
Fix- Unable to edit notes for new presets or saved presets (09-23)
Fix – Radio experiences problems resuming after user hangs up on a call (09-23)

[Xiaomi account]
Fix – MiCloud interface, cloud messaging image was not displayed (09-23)