ZipAlign MIUI Extended Icon Pack

Zipalign v5 Extended Icon Pack

Not often we come across MIUI Icon Packs that have that longevity factor nowadays, I mean there are a few out there in the MIUI world which get all the limelight and support to gain that kind of MIUI Community Support title where users of the community contribute to the cause and then there are some which don’t get enough of it. Zipalign is one of those MIUI Theme Developers who really deserve so much more attention, so we’re going to give you an insight on Zipalign’s Icon Pack.

Zipalign’s Icon Pack at a first glance bears resemblance to the Miro v5 Icon Pack but take a closer look and you will see its very different, in fact it has a more darker effect (in a good way that is) to this icon pack, whereas the Miro v5 Icon Pack has a sense of vibrancy.

This dark effect is a good thing as it provides an alternative and at the same time keeps focus on the default MIUI Icon Scheme which is appealing to users who like to keep things original but with a slight twist.

This awesome pack now stands at a cool 1431+ icons and growing.  Users can request icons and these icons are added to updates when they become available and rest assured this Icon Pack is kept up to date and updated regularly. There is also a change log available with each update.

The Zipalign v5 Extended Icon Pack is also available for those using MIUI 2.3 (gingerbread) on their devices as well as MIUI 4.0 and comes with a crisp clean HD wallpaper.

Why not give Zipalign v5 Extended Icon Pack a shot yourself to see what its all about? Maybe you’ll end up putting in a request or two for some app icons you would like to see themed on your device.

For more details, requests and downloads check out Zipalign v5 Extended Icon Pack Thread