Take control of your Apps in MIUI!

MIUI App Control

Hello MIUI Fans, every now and then we are going to have a closer look at some of MIUI’s exclusive features, especially the ones that really put you as a user in control of your smartphone. The feature we are going to cover today is one that probably 80% of users do not really know of or even use or better yet don’t know how to use correctly. How many of you know about MIUI App Control ? chances are very few. So we are going to give you an example of how MIUI App Control works.

Over the past few weeks and even months many users using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus running MIUI v5 (as an example) have been having trouble with many apps when it comes to notifications not working properly.

Well its time to put you all out of your misery!

MIUI App Control behaves like a firewall to notifications / background processes from apps running on your device, it basically gives you the option to start or stop apps running in the background after they have been closed or cleared from memory.  This is very handy indeed, because some apps tend to have a huge impact on battery performance when running constantly.

We are going to use some commonly used apps like Google Applications (e.g. Hangouts, Mail) which constantly pop up in discussions on notifications not working.

Here is a simple visual step by step guide to enabling apps in the MIUI App Control to run in the background.

You can apply the above method to any apps you have on your device.

This should clear up any confusion as to why certain apps do not show notifications correctly. Also bear in mind that with the MIUI App Control by stopping apps from running constantly in the background you actually prolong the battery life whilst in use and also while your device is in standby.

If you have anymore questions regarding the MIUI App Control, feel free to ask in the Questions & Answers Forum.