Official statement concerning and Shop

Hi everyone,

To say my email inbox is overflowing would be an understatement! as some of you may know by now we decided to split the site into two parts, one which focuses on MIUI ROM and Resources content, the other focusing soley on Xiaomi as a whole.

Their are two domains; and, the purpose of both sites is not as some have said to profiteer on the good work of Xiaomi and MIUI China. The only reason these domains exist is to serve and market the hard working efforts of Xiaomi China – the official company! this is also something our site is very transparent about, we always tell users  that our sites are not official but they have the backing and consent of Xiaomi Corporation in China.

Please read on to find out the objectives, intentions and everything else you want to know…

Having been the first unofficial site outside of China to promote and dedicate its time solely to MIUI related information, development and resources we approached Xiaomi to ask permission to setup a web site to promote the ROM outside China, from 2010 onwards internationally with fan sites born from We also fully recognise the hard work of other fan sites and thank them all for their work to keep MIUI being used worldwide!

This morning I received several concerning messages from someone who shall remain anonymous, however here is the summary of that message below:

  1. Shop is only setup to profit on Xiaomi
  2. Other fan sites are not included in the shop project
  3. Developers & Translators excluded from the deal

My response to these points is as follows:

  1. No one involved in the project is out to make any profit, we follow the same ethics as Xiaomi China, we want to provide a place to sell accessories and other Xiaomi products at the cheapest possible prices, like how Xiaomi do things! Obviously if we turned this into a business a business needs to make some money in order to operate e.g. Office space, courier fees and so on. This would be the only money coming in to support the project for the community
  2. This one is a tricky one… Other fan sites have their own deals going on and have never stepped in to ask for a piece of that action! We do our own thing and come up with original ideas and projects. The shop project is FOR THE COMMUNITY  to benefit from a reputable online store to buy products from, we are not doing this to be greedy as a minority seem to believe, we would like to have all fan site admins involved on, its a rebirth of our community outside of just MIUI!
  3. As with the above, working tirelessly we fully appreciate other sites, developers and translators, our site has the biggest team of translators within the MIUI community, over 23 languages included each week into the MIUI ROM multilanguage project headed up by ingbrzy. The inclusion of other sites and fans would be to offer the lowest possible prices to get accessories / phones from this proposed store.

In closing to the above and will list some simple points to take away from this statement:

  • We are not out to make a profit on users or to rip people off!
  • We are willing to offer the same services and discounts to ALL fan sites, members of the MIUI community
  • We have the users in the community interest at heart
  • We are not greedy, selfish or otherwise as has been promoted by a minority of individuals.
  • We 100% respect our peers / other fan sites in MIUI – anyone who says I think otherwise does not know me very well at all.

The fortunate thing is we have the sense and the capability to do this for the community as we think it has a massive potential to promote Xiaomi and help them into European markets. We are open to discussions with anyone about this project and you can get in contact directly via the forum if you want to know more.

I hope this answers your questions as a community, please let us know if there is anything else we can add to lift any concerns people may have about this project.