MiroEx Extended Icon Project MIUI v5


MiroEx v5 Extended Icon Project (aka Vexillum Project MIUI v5) is a excellent and highly acclaimed icon pack continued on from the popular Vexillium Project.  Miro Icons Expansion is a community based project which involves members of the MIUI Community contributing and creating app icons for various android applications according to the guidelines of a PSD Template which is provided (see image below).

PhysX the outgoing founder (and is soon to be replaced by the talented tweetypeety a well-known theme developer) of the project has provided tutorials for users to follow which results in rich, vibrant and high quality icons which are then added to each update when made available. Currently the number of Icons included in this project sits at around 2478+ Icons and growing!


  • How to find out process names

Method 1.

1. got to https://market.android.com/
2. search for app you need and open it
3. for example angry birds: In the url bar you can see the process name like this



Method 2.

1. download SystemPanelLite Task Manager from the market
2. open the specific app you need
3. press home button
4. go to SystemPanelLite
5. press the desired app name
6. you can see the process name

Method 3.

Navigate to /data/system/customized_icons/

That’s where you can find correct package names for un-themed icons

Method 4.

1. got to http://activities.droidicon.com/
2. type in the app you are looking for
3. pick the activity name

  • How to add your own Icons

1. rename your xxxx.mtz file to xxxx.zip now extract everything to your desired folder.
2. rename the icons file to icons.zip
3. rename the icon png to the right process name (see first post)
4. open the icons.zip file and put the png into it
5. rename it back to icons (without .zip)
6. now put the icons file into your xxxx.zip and rename it back to xxxx.mtz

And thats it!

For Downloads & PSD Templates click here


* For use with Miui V5 only

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License