Exclusive: Xiaomi device kernel will be open sourced!


Hi everyone,

Today is an especially amazing day for the MIUI community. Why? well, we have some very exciting news for you all. As you know we have been tirelessly persuing Xiaomi to speak to the right people in order to get some more transparency with MIUI and its native code.

If you are not aware of the efforts to open source components of MIUI then this read will be a pleasant suprise for you. Two days ago a member of our Admin team recieved an email from someone within Xiaomi Corporation, the email did not say very much but alluded to a willingness to open up code for the MI devices kernel.

What does this actually mean for the community?

After speaking to our contact at Xiaomi we have agreed a planned roll out of the Xiaomi MI2/MI2S kernel code, this will then be followed up with the release of the MI-ONE kernel code. A time frame has not yet been allocated to this work and the team responsible are also working on the MI3-TD/WCDMA and Hongmi (Red Rice) so we just need to be patient while the correct processes are put in place to manage this massive change!

This will allow developers to really explore and create customised Android ROMS for their Xiaomi smartphones and showing that Xiaomi is all about open source sharing of code. I know a lot of people will be sceptical about this news but let me assure you, this is 100% legitimate news and we are proud to be the web site to break this to the world! Lets hope this leads to other opening up of code from the MIUI team.

Any questions please hit the forums or comment back to this article.