Why we changed the site

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been to MIUIAndroid.com before then the new layout will of hopefully wow’d you! if not we’ll do better next time :-)

Note: We are still fixing up the mobile version so we’re sorry if you’re sitting going WTF! at your phone :-)

Anyway, why did we change the site after so long with the current format? well, Xiaomi is a growing company, evolving all the time, new directions with Hardware and Software and other cool tech innovations. We wanted to make MIUIAndroid a site which follows the same objectives as Xiaomi.

The site will also be split into two sections, MIUIAndroid.com will be focused on MIUI and Xiaomi related Marketing content and the new cool thing is Xiaomi.eu will be the host for the community forums! by doing this is aligning everything we’ve been trying to achieve for over 3 years of full dedicatation to Xiaomi China. Nothing we are setting out to do is at the detriment of MIUI or Xiaomi, we are proud MIUIers, all of the admins, we just felt it was time to do more! :-)